What Are Some Reasons That Social Networking Sites (SNS) Fail?

Some earlier social networking sites including SixDegrees.com and Friendster, even though initially being popular (Friendster, for example, garnered over 3M members in the first 3 months of it’s launch) suffered a downfall due to many factors.

Launched in the 90’s, and being of the first social networking platforms, SixDegrees was succeeded by newer, more advanced platforms, one of which included Friendster, launched in 2002. Using a similar concept to SixDegrees, Friendster utilized the ‘friend’ concept which included ‘adding’ and having a ‘circle of friends’ online of which one could easily view and ‘connect’ with. It wasn’t until MySpace was launched in 2003 which then saw Friendster proving to become less popular with securing and maintaining members, as MySpace was perceived as being more trendy, and gave it’s members more freedom, such as allowing the use of video and music on one’s profile.

Many people of the 20-25 year age group, began their experience in social media on MySpace. It was almost seen as a competition as to whom would be listed, and where, on a online friend’s “Top Friends”, a MySpace feature, and frequent topic of online and offline conversation. In retrospect, this competitiveness seemed rather childish, and possibly contributed to why many people chose to move on to a platform a little more mature, and less discriminative, like Facebook.


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