Google and Facebook



Nicholas Carr is right! Google is making us stupid. Now a day, when particularly the younger generation search through Google’s search engine, they don’t read much to find the information they need. No denial in Google’s help when an individual is trying to recall a certain quote, date or even an occurrence within an event, although, this may also affect the memory of an individual. The person will continuously depend on Google for information rather than storing it in to their memory. This is somewhat related to what Socrates had said:

“[It] destroys memory [and] weakens the mind, relieving it of…work that makes it strong. [It] is an inhuman thing.”

Individuals narrow their thoughts to certain key terms in one sentence rather than reading topic related issues which eventually have the information needed through the information provided. Google affects ones concentration on the answer word for word without the background. This leads the searcher to simply memorize a fact but not understand its background information which is definitely pointless.


“No make-up. How hot do I look ;)” Today’s society has become a narcissist society through social media. One of the main reasons of this is seeking attention and to impressing individuals as well as competing with other “friends” – between mainly girls.

Individuals post statuses letting their friends know what they’re up to, where they are, what clothes they bought, who they are with and how they are feeling. Why do they post these things? They post them simply because they think people care. Majority of “Friends” don’t really care but are simply to curious, to either copy or hate on them.

Managing ones online identity is easy. To focus on Facebook specifically, here are some tips to keep your identity private.

  1. Only friend people you know
  2.  Only allow statuses and posts to be viewed by friends
  3. Disable your profile from being found in search
  4. Keep your location hidden
  5. Don’t check in to every single place you go to. Everyplace you check into, anyone who visits that page could see you’ve been there.

What Is The Appeal Of A Popular SNS Such As Facebook?

Facebook has proven to be a more efficient communicative tool as opposed to phone calls or text messaging for many people. With free sign-up and access, Facebook is a much easier way to connect with friends overseas, or simply those who you may not see regularly, but who you are interested in maintaining contact with.

Many users utilize Facebook as a news source, a place for online gaming, and even a place to meet and make new friends.

Many people utilise multiple SNS, and of the most commonly accessed daily by students and young people Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are right up there. Facebook is used to connect with those you know, Twitter is a highly regarded and referred to as a news source, and Instagram gives it’s photo-loving members the ability to share photos. Each of these SNS allows its members to present themselves in the way they wish. Each platform is customizable, and free to use.