Creativity and Internet Age


The emergence of social media and the age of the internet has given birth to the greatest age of creativity the human race has ever known.

Technology has meant that creativity in today’s world is inexpensive, wide reaching and infinite.

The major problem that creative people and artists faced in years gone by is that creativity was expensive and even if a person had the expertise and/or passion to build something, paint something or play a musical instrument, it would more than likely be out of reach for the common person.

If you did have the finance to fund such indulgent activities the obstacle you would then face is reach. If you were a regular person before social media and you wanted to distribute or broadcast something you had created, the only way it was possible was through mass-media organisations or by government announcement.

In the past, creating something and having it reach a wide audience was only reserved for a very small group of the population that were either exceptionally talented or exceptionally lucky.

But in the age of social media everyone has the ability.

And that’s how it should be because creativity is for everyone, not a select few and certainly not for an aristocracy.   

And the issue of remixing, reworking or parodying previous works has exploded with the creation of sites like YouTube.

Despite what some may say, post-modern art-“The recycling of past styles and themes in a modern-day context, as well as the break-up of the barrier between fine and high arts and low art and popular culture (Desmond, p.148)”,is an extremely important way to express creativity because it allows us as human beings to understand and evaluate ourselves and the cultural norms that account for so much of our world.

Having said that….There is still a lot of stuff that sux.



Desmond, K (2011) Ideas about Art, John Wiley and Sons. UK.