Space and Mobility: Locative Social Media

Social med

The world of geo-social media is indeed a tricky issue to tackle. On one hand the benefits of this kind of networking are seemingly endless. Geotagging and geomapping technology can help people connect in ways never before possible. Things like:

* Creating mobile social networks for people at live events.

* Checking where restaurants, stores and businesses are near you and rating them

* Business people can find others that are involved in their industry.

* Paperless ticketing, where by people can use there smartphone as a digital ticket.

But of course equal is the amount of negative issues that may arise from being so connected. These kinds of things can be:

* Stalking

* Safety concerns about people knowing your whereabouts.

* The balance of control that huge telecommunication companies have over everyday people.

* How much of this kind of information is used by the government and is that ok?

But even with that being said the government and media can also use this kind of technology to help people in events such as local emergencies or even for tracking criminals.

The main problem is I’m simply too dumb to know or even really understand if geosocial media is good, great or potentially dangerous.

How am I (or anyone else) supposed to understand the full ramifications of constantly tracking and triangulating global positioning software through numerous satellites 500km above the earth’s surface in order to give me the heads up on where the pizza place is in this town?

Like I say…I’m too dumb to really know, and we probably all are.