Managing Your Privacy

To manage your privacy, it takes nothing but an open eye and a brain, but that’s almost everything. It tends to be quiet hard for an individual that’s new to a social network such as Facebook to figure out the privacy settings. Below are seven steps to keeping your Facebook profile’s privacy in tact.

First, don’t write your full name.

Second, when signing up, only fill in the required fields, because things like address and number aren’t really needed. But if one would like to receive notifications via SMS then make sure you select the option only me for your numbers visibility.

Third, put your photos on friends only so that not anyone can see photos of you, of your friends and your family up close.

Fourth, only add and accept people that you know and don’t have something against.

Fifth, set all your statuses to friends only so that not everyone who likes or comments on your status makes it viewable to their friends.

Sixth, set all the wall posts, posted by friends, to only you so that no everyone knows what’s going on with you and your friends. You might be mentioning lunch details, when and where. DON’T do that.

Last, if you really want a private profile, don’t like or comment on any public links. Your Facebook friends will see every public or friends of friends link you like. I’ve seen many awkward links that my friends have liked appearing on my news-feed, and it kind of changed my thought about them as it got disturbing.

These guidelines should be leaping you to a private life online. If it doesn’t, then you’re definitely not doing ‘nothing’; opening your eye and using your brain.